Ten years ago, what brewed as a dream of cultivating olives has finally surfaced as the world’s first processed olive tea. This joint venture of UONO Foods and the Government of Rajasthan has given farmers a new livelihood, bringing this modern day elixir to life.

We handpick the best olive leaves from our farms stretched across 5000 acres in Rajasthan. We ensure that these silvery green soft leaves have just the right aroma and the best medicinal properties. We, at UONO, not just pack freshness of olive tea leaves. We do more than that. We create an experience for you. So, when you steep these leaves, and sip the olive tea, you feel relaxed. In that moment, you let go of all those things that have clouded your head. And you, gradually, unwind, unreel and unravel it all.

The olive tea is called a modern day elixir. Its health benefits are beyond than it lets on. Packed with antioxidants, this tea clears your skin of toxins and carcinogens. It energizes you even when it has no caffeine. It reduces wrinkles, acne and gives the skin a young glow. It eats away cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. A cup of olive tea every day, and your heart would be healthy and happy like never before.

Discover The Nutritious Health Benefits Of Olive Tea
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