Benefits of UONO healthy olive tea

✔100% Natural

✔Stress Reliver


✔Healthy Heart

✔Fight Bacteria

✔Anti-Inflamamatory Agent


✔Stregthens Immunity

✔Glowing Skin

✔Fights Cold & Flu

✔Helps in weight


✔Zero Caffeine

✔Anti Ageing

✔Reduces Cholesterol

✔Reduces risk of cancer

✔Anti-Viral Properties

✔Antioxidants Rich

✔Reduces Blood Pressure

✔Better than Green Tea

✔Reduces risk of Diabetes


We handpick the best olive leaves from our farms stretched across 5000 acres in Rajasthan. We ensure that these silvery green soft leaves have just the right aroma and the best medicinal properties. We, at Olitia, not just pack freshness of olive tea leaves. We do more than that. We create an experience for you. So, when you steep these leaves, and sip the olive tea, you feel relaxed. In that moment, you let go of all those things that have clouded your head. And you let it all unwind, unreel and unravel.

At every step of our process, from sowing to packaging, we have chosen the best techniques to ensure only the freshest leaves reach you. Before transferring to the field, the olive saplings are first grown in cocopeat to protect them from bacterial growth. The cutting and slow drying retains the essence and liquor of the olive leaves. Our three-layered packaging ensures garden freshness of tea leaves protecting them from immediate weather and temperature changes.

Health begins with what we eat and drink. Simple things like drinking more water and cutting down sugar drinks can bring change. Start your mornings with healthy teas. Healthy teas are crucial to begin this journey. There are many choices for healthy teas in the market. You don’t have to drink something bitter or tasteless if you want to drink a healthy tea.

With so many choices available on online tea shop, you can order healthy teas at your doorstep. These healthy teas have only included Green Tea, Kombucha and Matcha for awhile now. Olitia brings to you a new healthy tea called olive tea made from the olive leaves. Olitia’s healthy tea- the olive tea has shown to have more health benefits than other healthy herbal teas such as green teas. Advantages of green tea are prominently because of the antioxidants. Health benefits of olive tea outweigh green tea simply because it has double the antioxidants making it the best alternative to green tea.

Benefits of olives have been widely known. It’s about time we adopt the healthy olives and olive leaf extract in other food items. The olive tea is called a modern day elixir. Olive tea’s health benefits are more than any other herbal tea. Packed with antioxidants, the olive tea clears your skin of toxins and carcinogens. Olive tea energizes you even when it has no caffeine. Olive tea reduces wrinkles, acne and gives the skin a young glow. Olive tea eats away cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

Our olive leaves are handpicked from 5000 acres of Rajasthan farms. Olive leaves are picked for their perfect aroma and medicinal properties. These soft silvery green olive leaves are then packed with their farm freshness. In making Olitia’s the olive tea, we have created an experience for you. After a day long work, when you take a moment for yourself, and sip this olive tea, you will forget all about your problems. Olive tea relieves stress and lets you unwind & unravel.

Discover The Nutritious Health Benefits Of Olive Tea
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